Portraits can be painted from your favorite photo, or a combination of several photos, such as choosing hairstyle from one and clothes from another, etc.

For distant locations, portraits can be commissioned on line or through the mail.

Please allow 2 months for pastels, watercolors, or B&W — 3 – 4 months for oils, depending on size and subject matter, to allow necessary drying time.

Photo sessions are also available — the subject will pose with various clothing choices, and they can choose favorite expressions and poses.

Finished art can either be delivered locally, or mailed to your location.



A husband surprised his wife on Valentine’s Day with a pastel portrait painted from one of her childhood photos.  He got the idea from a movie — The portrait hangs above their piano.

One husband commissioned a watercolor of their wedding photo and surprised his wife on their anniversary.

Corporations honor their top producers and present them with portraits at conventions or business events.

Memorable travels make great paintings.

Childhood homes and favorite family album photos are wonderful nostalgic paintings.

Today’s children portraits later become heirlooms.

Loved ones who have passed away are brought to mind and near again when their portraits are displayed in the home.



$2,000 – Pastel, Watercolor, B&W Portraits – Head/ Shoulders – 11×14

$4,000 – Pastel, Watercolor, B&W – Head/Shoulders, Half Pose Portraits – 16×20

$6,000 – Oil Portraits – Head/Shoulders – 16×20, 18×24

Starting at $500 – Pastels / Watercolors – Homes, Travels, Pets – Final price based on size and detail

Starting at $2000 – Murals – Final price based on size and complexity.  Murals also available on MDF board, making the art transferable to other locations.

NOTE:  Portrait fees above are for one subject — Additional subjects on same painting are additional 1/2 for second subject, and 1/4 for additional subjects or pets.